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Preparing and helping its educational scholars understand the roles they need to undertake as active and responsible members of our society are only few of the reasons why the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) continues to provide seminars and trainings geared towards empowerment and competency.

To encourage voter registration and implement civic and voters education to its scholars, SIFI conducted a “Civic and Voters Education Online Session via Google Meet” last October 23 & 30 and November 6, 2021.

The online sessions were led by resource speakers, Rhoderick K. Samonte, Director for External Affairs and Social Science faculty, and Soledad D. Estares, Social Science faculty of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College.

“Things will change along the way but I hope that everyone will continue with their journey until May 9 of 2022. So be engaged, use your social media wisely, and really be an influencer of your fellow youth. Exercise your right of suffrage morally and rightly,” Rhoderick K. Samonte said.

Answering Alyssa Fillartos’ question, Samonte added that to know if a candidate is sincere and can be trusted, one must do research, use technology wisely, and look at the track record of a candidate; what they did for the past 3 or 6 years, were they consistent, and do not base it on false information found in memes or posters.

“There is a need for the youth to engage in activities like voters’ education. The youth in 186 countries were given limited opportunities to have direct participation in decision-making process with regards to elections and putting somebody in the position,” Soledad Estares said in one of the sessions.

Estares added that this civic and voters’ education is a very good opportunity for the scholars to really engage in this kind of activity.

“In choosing a leader, we should not only seek someone who’s looking for the progress of our country but someone who would take the chance to look back especially now that we are under the pandemic. It must be someone seeking for the well-being of  our frontliners and people who are greatly affected by the pandemic,” Kymer Diamante, a 3rd year BS Management Accounting student, said.

“Public office is a public trust, so in choosing a leader we should also seek someone who listens to the majority and someone who takes good care of the minority and marginalized. And someone who will not resort to tyranny but will empower us to be the voice of aspiration,” Diamante added.

A total of 150 SIFI scholars participated in 6 online sessions conducted via Google Meet.