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The spread of COVID-19 pandemic may be slowing down but SIFI’s distribution of COVID-19 Prevention Kits steadfastly continues. The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.’s mission to provide sugar workers and their dependents access to quality health kits is not slowing down anytime soon.

Despite the restrictions and difficulty of traversing far-flung areas in the province, the SIFI Health Pillar had distributed a total of 540 COVID-19 prevention kits to beneficiaries in hacienda farms and communities in the months of October and November.

The distributions benefitted more than 2,551 household members from C-Prime Corporation in Municipality of Murcia, Viscaya ARC and Casa ARC in Talisay City, Estela ARC in La Carlota City, SIFI- Livelihood Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, as well as beneficiaries from PANAYFED in the Municipality of President Roxas and Pilar Capiz.

As of November 2021, the Sugar Industry Foundation has assisted more than 12,000 households and more than 52,000 family members.

The kits for COVID-19 prevention consists of vitamin syrup for children, tablets for adults, paracetamol, alcohol, disposable face masks, face shields, and infographic flyers about COVID prevention tips in Hiligaynon and Filipino.

Since the SIFI medical – dental missions were temporarily suspended due to restrictions set by the Philippine Task Force against COVID-19, the distribution of COVID-19 prevention kits has become its temporary replacement.

Precautionary measures and physical distancing were strictly observed during the distributions to avoid the spread of the virus.