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The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) elected its Board of Trustees during the 53rd General Assembly held last March 22, 2024.

Conducted via Zoom, the session started with SIFI’s 53rd General Assembly Report, where Ms. Edith Y. Villanueva, SIFI President & COO, presented the Foundation’s accomplishment highlights that enlightened the stakeholders’ understanding of SIFI’s budget and activities. The achievements of the Four Pillars of Development and the special projects as well as the upcoming activities were presented to the assembly.

The elected Trustees were Bernardo C. Trebol (PSMA), Jeanne S. Krebs (PSMA), Aurelio Gerardo J. Valderrama, JR. (CONFED). Wilfredo Y. Sawit (CONFED), Ferdinand Y. Marañon (CONFED), Rolando P. Lavina II (CONFED), Jose Angelo D. Flores (LUZONFED), and Dulce P. Blas (PANAYFED).

Shortly after, the SIFI Board of Trustees elected their officers for 2024-2026. Terence S. Uygongco, the incumbent president of the Philippine Sugar Millers Association (PSMA), was elected as SIFI’s Chairman of the Board. Moreover, Gerard R. Seno of the Associated Labor Unions (ALU) was re-elected as Vice Chairman, while Edith Y. Villanueva (PSMA) was re-elected as President & COO.

Rolando dela Cruz from NACUSIP was elected as Auditor, filling in Uygongco’s previous post. The officers were also re-elected to their position, namely Joseph Conrad F. Ledesma (CONFED) as Treasurer, Jose V. Ledesma IV (CONFED) as Assistant Treasurer, and Jesus L. Barrera (PSMA) as Corporate Secretary.

In photo: (L-R) Assistant Treasurer Jose V. Ledesma IV, Trustee Aurelio Gerrardo J. Valderrama Jr., Treasurer Joseph Conrad F. Ledesma, and President & COO Edith Y. Villanueva.

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