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The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Central Philippine State University (CPSU) as a symbol of partnership and collaboration in the conduct of research, development, and innovation of farm tools and implements for Regenerative Agriculture for Sugarcane Production.

The signing of MOA took place at the RDEC Conference Room of the CPSU Main Campus, attended by SIFI President & COO Edith Y. Villanueva, CPSU President Dr. Aladino C. Moraca, CPSU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Fernando D. Abello, SIFI Technical Consultant Judy Ann Gonzaga, and CPSU Research and Development Services Director Dr. Angelie Rose L. Lumba.

In his commitment address, Dr. Moraca expressed, “If I were to be asked about the language of SIFI and the language of CPSU, both have the same heartbeat – both have the heart for the poor, so the partnership will become practical and appropriate for both parties.”

Meanwhile, Villanueva said, “We wanted to give this excitement to the farmers for the advice and training we can provide because we know that our planet will not last if we do not sustain the soil and agriculture.”

The signed agreement includes expected outputs from both parties, exchanging information and technology, resources, development opportunities, simulation, fabrication of farm tools and implements, field trial and testing, documentation, and group discussions.

In Photo: CPSU Officials led by University President Dr. Aladino C. Moraca (front, second to the left) and SIFI Officials led by President & COO Edith Y. Villanueva (front, second to the right).


The Regenerative Agriculture & Climate Mitigation (RAC) Program in Negros Occidental is under SIFI’s Special Project that focuses on the innovation of farm implements and practices for sugarcane production. This includes applying green manure and minimum tillage in farms.

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