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The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.’s Education Pillar conducted an online orientation for scholars on February 4, 2023 via Google Meet.

Headed by SIFI Education Project Officer Angelica Hebionada, the orientation was divided into 3 sessions for different groups of 141 scholars.

The first session was held at 9:30am, catering to 40 College Scholarship students from different parts of Visayas. Two sessions from the afternoon were conducted to accommodate College Assistanceship scholars – with 53 scholars on the first afternoon session coming from Binalbagan-Isabela Sugar Company, Inc. (BISCOM), First Farmers Holdings Corporation (FFHC), Victorias Milling Company (VMC), and Universal Robina Corporation-Southern Negros Development Corporation (URC-SONEDCO). A total of 48 College Assistanceship scholars from Capiz, Sagay, Central Azucarera De San Antonio (CASAI), Universal Robina Corporation-Passi, SIMAG Foundation, Inc. Associated Planters of Silay-Saravia Inc., VICMICO Planters Association, and Capiz First Federation of United Coop, Inc. (CAFUCCI) attended the second afternoon session.

Continuing and new scholars were welcomed during the orientation. Concerns regarding cut-off for grades, deadlines of submission, and Educational Aid Program (EDAP) requirements were discussed by Hebionada. EDAP Coordinators from SONEDCO and Capiz also attended the orientation.

The scholars also raised their questions regarding shifting of courses and transferring of schools. Hebionada said that this occurrence should be executed with their respective EDAP Coordinators by writing a letter to SIFI and waiting for the approval regarding such request. The scholars were also asked to work closely with their EDAP Coordinators for other scholarship-related concerns.

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