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To equip the ARBO communities with disaster preparedness, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) conducted a DRRM Training in collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO).

The Philippines is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, therefore, it is prone to a variety of natural calamities and risks. With this, SIFI conducted a community-based disasters preparedness and response training for the SIFI Livelihood-assisted ARBOs, in partnership with the PDRRMO.

A total of 25 representatives attended the training. They are from the following 11 ARBOs:

  • Jerusalem Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (JARBA)
  • Cusi Farmworkers and Farmers Association (CUFFA)
  • Entorilan Agrarian Reform Cooperative (Murcia)
  • Balogo Farmers Association (BAFA)
  • Villa Carolina Integrated Organic Farmers Association (VCIOFA)
  • Estela Agrarian Reform Cooperative (EARC)
  • Esperanza Communal ARB Association (HECARBA)
  • Minuro Agrarian Reform Cooperative (Minuro ARC)
  • Viscaya Agrarian Reform Cooperative (VARC)
  • Integrated Sugar and Rice Farmworkers Association (ISARFAWA)
  • Casal-agan Agrarian Reform Cooperative (CARC)

A variety of myths regarding first aid were also reviewed and debunked during the session. The ARBO representatives actively participated in the open forum and most especially, the crash course to basic community first aid.

The participants were introduced to the basic inclusions of a first aid kit. They were also trained regarding the multiple uses of a triangular bandana. A thorough yet swift, practical presentation of the basic first aid and basic life support was demonstrated to the ARBO representatives during the afternoon.

The PDRRMO Officers explained that basic knowledge and experience from the training will equip the ARBO in helping their community in times of disasters. The ARBO representatives wanted to have more time in learning the modules so they may be able to re-echo the protocols and teach their own members.

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