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The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) Health Pillar and Skills Training, together with InLife, conducted a coordinators meeting regarding the SIFI Health Advantage Plan last December 7, 2022 at the PSMA Training Hall, SIFI Training Center, Talisay City.

Coordinators air out their concerns and suggestions to InLife representatives.

Cindy Gutierrez and Rudolf Capati, InLife representatives from Luzon came over to reinforce Negros-based representatives Elias Gudia and Dicken Valdez. SIFI Health Officer Norelyn Dela Cruz gave a brief orientation about SIFI and its goals and services.

“Health is wealth and that it is nice to be protected by a health plan. Subscribing to a health plan will be beneficial in the long run,” Edith Y. Villanueva, SIFI President and COO, emphasized in her message. Gutierrez then took over to present the SIFI Health Advantage Plan with Insular Health Care.

Norelyn Dela Cruz, SIFI Health Officer, and InLife representatives orient the coordinators regarding the updated SIFI Health Advantage Plan.

Various concerns were raised by the coordinators during the open forum. Participants shared that there is a lack of InLife accredited general practitioners in some cities and that farmers have difficulties in commuting from the farms to the city proper. With this, the coordinators recommended to conduct a mapping of areas where clients reside for more convenient patient accommodation and reach for doctors.

The representatives from InLife agreed with the recommendation and asked for the coordinators to send them a list of their suggested practitioners as candidates for accreditation. Furthermore, Capati stated that the coordinators should directly approach Dela Cruz and InLife representatives so that transactions and concerns will be swiftly handled. Capati added that InLife Telemedicine is also available 24/7 to cater to the needs of the subscribers and beneficiaries.

All concerns and suggestions were taken into account to provide better healthcare services to our sugar workers and their dependents.

SIFI President and COO Edith Villanueva, SIFI Health Officer Norelyn Dela Cruz and the InLife Health Care representatives with the coordinators from different mills and associations.

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