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The SIFI-RSS (Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders) Program initiated a skills training workshop for effective facilitation to the Child Rights Advocates (CRAs) and the SIFI Project Officers last December 6, 2022 at the LUZONFED Training Hall.

Judy Ann Gonzaga, SIFI-RSS Program Technical Consultant, said that the workshop was made to extend help to the CRAs and the SIFI staff to be good facilitators.

In photo: Child Rights Advocates (CRAs), SIFI Project Officers, and SIFI-RSS & RAC staff attend the workshop at the LUZONFED Training Hall.

Rhoderick Samonte from the Carlos Hilado Memorial State University spearheaded the training with the intention to help the participants understand and appreciate the importance of effective communication as an integral tool in facilitation. Additionally, There should be an improvement in confidence level and commitment for the participants to become effective facilitators.

Participants engaging in an activity about communication.

Samonte emphasized that the most important tool a good facilitator possesses is communication. He adds that there is no such thing as perfect communication in the facilitation process. Discussions and group activities on effective communication, public speaking, and identifying different personalities were also conducted in the workshop.

The fun-filled and productive afternoon concluded with Gonzaga leading the Christmas gift giving to their long-time CRAs.

The SIFI staff with the CRAs and RSS staff.

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