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To review the recent and upcoming activities, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) held its annual budget planning and project assessment last November 2022.

The Luzon-Mindanao Regional Office gathered at Makati City on November 17-18 while the Visayas Regional Office conducted in Ilaya Highland Resort, Silay City a week after.

The annual budget planning and project assessment by the Luzon-Mindanao Regional Office (top) in Makati City and the Visayas Regional Office (bottom) in Ilaya Highland Resort, Silay City.

Edith Y. Villanueva, SIFI President and COO, encouraged the staff to improve self-reliance and adaptability to change, especially in this evolving technological generation. She also said that an act of kindness goes a long way in building trust with one another. She reminds everyone that being reactive to uncontrollable situations will give them nothing – instead, pro-activeness should be done in order to move forward.

Accomplishment reports were presented by each project starting with Education, Health, Livelihood, and Advocacy, respectively. The RSS and RAC Program also showed their progress and achievements in the past year, with the accounting department wrapping up the presentations with their financial reports.

The SIFI Visayas Regional Office staff brainstorms for new activities in 2023.

Feedbacks and suggestions were raised after the reports. The group spent time to thoroughly review and assess possible revisions on the proposed activities for 2023.

At the end of the two-day session, the employees were reminded to impart SIFI’s vision: stable and self-reliant sugar producing and milling communities.

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