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On November 15, 2022, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) Education Pillar held its Educational Aid Program (EDAP) Coordinators Meeting at the PSMA Training Hall, SIFI Training Center. A total of 16 representatives from different mills and associations attended the meeting in the hopes of addressing issues and concerns on the EDAP procedures.

In photo: Dr. Marie Therese Jochico presents the schedule of activities and objectives for the meeting.

Angelica Hebionada, SIFI Education Officer, and Dr. Marie Therese Jochico, meeting facilitator, kicked off the meeting by reviewing the EDAP Guidelines and Requirements. Coordinators then raised points of clarification regarding scholarship agreements and requirements. Several SIFI employees also shared their testimonies and experiences as EDAP scholars.

Edith Villanueva, SIFI President and COO, assured the coordinators that SIFI should accept non-prioritized DOLE courses, but not all can be accommodated. Dr. Jochico said that there should be a relationship with the scholars so that their motivation to study will improve. She also said that if there are students with potential, coordinators should not hesitate to lobby for them.

Consequently, Dr. Jochico presented the coordinators’ collated skills assessment. The instrument was used to go over work skills, communication skills, people skills, leadership skills, and analytical skills in order to create strategies that would strengthen their efficiency as coordinators.

In photos: (Left) Milen Joy Abad, SIFI Skills Training Officer, shares her experience as a former SIFI Scholar. On the other hand, Rhyan Ivy Jardenico (left) imparts the lessons she learned as a long-time EDAP Coordinator from the Hawaiian-Philippine Company.

In an open discussion, EDAP coordinators shared that time management is an essential part of their role despite multitasking being a challenge. Aside from this, they believe that thoroughly checking documents, verifying requirements and constant communication with the scholars will help improve their skills as coordinators.

According to Rhyan Ivy Jardenico, EDAP Coordinator from the Hawaiian-Philippine Company, she noticed that there has been a change of values in today’s generation. However, she added that she feels rewarded and touched whenever she sees scholars becoming successful in their respective careers.

Finally, suggestions and ideas gathered from the coordinators were taken into account and will be part of the refined EDAP protocols and procedures.

The SIFI EDAP Coordinators 2022

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