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On January 13, 2023, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI)’s freshmen and sophomore college scholars gathered for the Scholar’s Camp at the PANAYFED Training Hall, SIFI Training Center, Talisay City.

Dr. Richelle Verdeprado-Mangga orients the scholars of the objectives and schedule of activities.

The one-day camp was led by Dr. Richelle Verdeprado-Mangga as the resource facilitator and assisted by SIFI’s Skills Training Officer, Milen Joy Abad. The event kicked off with a get-to-know-you activity. They were grouped according to categories with Verdeprado-Mangga saying that the activity should help the scholars get to know each other in a unique way. The scholars were then asked to write their expectations on their respective metacards that were then passed around for everybody to read each other’s list.

Participants share their insights on different activities that test their sensitivity and identify their values.

The scholars were asked to sit comfortably for the “Mindfulness Exercise” where they meditated, sketched, and shared their insights to the big group. After a hearty lunch, the sensitivity count activity was initiated and processed. According to Verdeprado-Mangga, the activity was done to create a bond among the scholars. This was then followed by a bridge-building that required teamwork and resourcefulness. Verdeprado-Mangga said that even though the scholars started individually, they should always learn how to connect with others and to be ready to connect with other people.

Scholars collaborate with their groupmates in the bridge-building activity.

The participants collated their realizations and shared that the lessons from the previous activities helped them understand how to be responsible and sensitive social media users. They said that these lessons could also help them in identifying their true aspirations that would align to their values.

The camp ended with the giving of certificates and a group photo session.

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