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When SIFI launched its second Livelihood Expo at the Bacolod Ayala Mall last December 2019, the agrarian reform (ARB) members who participated in the Expo were able to advertise their products and improve their skills in food processing and financial management with guidance from SIFI Livelihood Officer Cristina May Poblador. They also became better business persons with wiser perspectives when it came to identifying the needs of their customer base and looking out for an ideal location to promote their goods and services.

The SIFI Trustees were also present during the event to show their full support to the ARB entrepreneurs. They not only purchased many of their products for Christmas gift-giving, but also shared valuable advice on how to improve their sales. They also noticed how they stacked their display and commented on the improvement and hygienic value of their packaging.

SIFI Treasurer Joseph Conrad Ledesma suggested that it would be strategic to create a Product Catalogue to showcase their goods, widen their customer base and provide a mechanism for booking early orders from companies  or establishments on Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or other festive occasions.