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SIFI Conducts Disaster Awareness Seminars for Sugarcane Workers

The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc convened a series of seminars on Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness at two different sugarcane farm locations and one at the SIFI Training Center in Talisay City.  A total of 166 sugarcane workers were able to participate in the said events.

The first forum was held at Hda.Tinihaban in E.B. Magalona last December 15, 2019 and co-facilitated by the E.B. Magalona Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO).  The next forum was held on January 12, 2020 at Barangay 10 in Victorias City and attended by officers and members of the MINURO Agrarian Reform Cooperative.  The resource persons were also sourced from the local Victorias DRRM group.   The third forum was held at the SIFI Training Center, Talisay City for various Agrarian Reform Beneficiary members engaged in livelihood projects with SIFI.   This time the session was facilitated by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO).

The seminars were intended to educate farm workers about how to assess and mitigate their risks and hazards during times of catastrophe.   Practical exercises were taught and demonstrated such as earthquake and fire drills, or what to do in times of flood, typhoon or vehicular or work-related accidents..  The participants were taught the basics of how to apply first aid when a person is choking, or suffering from a stroke or heartburn.

The sessions also centered on how to apply the Heimlich maneuver and the CPR method which are used to treat upper airway obstructions, as well as treatments for amputation and splinting.

It is SIFI’s belief that this kind of dissemination on disaster preparedness can help the sugar communities cope better and respond more appropriately in times of calamity in order to save the lives of their constituents.