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To provide opportunity for self-reflection and engage its scholars in deepening their self-awareness and in promoting positive personal values, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. Education Pillar, under its skills training program, conducted the Scholar’s Camp with Workshops and Team-building Activities with the theme: Responsible Use of Social Media and Values Education at PSMA Training Hall, SIFI Training Center, Talisay City.

The face to face training-workshop, participated by 24 scholars from Negros Occidental, was supervised by Dr. Richelle Verdeprado-Mangga, PhD, JD, and social worker Dustin Ryan Veridiano.

In photo: Dr. Richelle Verdeprado-Mangga, PhD, JD leading the group session on Responsible Use of Social Media


The workshop’s other goals are to strengthen positive relationships among scholars and recognize their milestones while upholding the integrity of the scholarship program that they are part of and to remind the scholars’ on the importance of the responsible use of social media.

The activities include a “Getting to Know You Exercise”, “Mindfulness Exercise And Sharing Of Reflection”, “A Game Of Self-Awareness, Social Media, & Positive Values”, and “A Session About The Scholar’s Dreams: On Vision Setting And Keeping Focus To The Goal”.

In the last part of the workshop, Dr. Verdeprado-Mangga focused on the Responsible Use of Social Media with a group sharing session reflecting on the scholars’ use of social media during the pandemic.

The workshop concluded with a puzzle game wherein participants shared about their dreams for themselves, their family, and the country through creative representation in a puzzle that the group assembled afterwards.

Meanwhile, online skills trainings for scholars continue. The skills training program conducted 2 sessions of “The Science of Happiness: A Basic Ingredient of Success” with Jeric C. Manalili, MSc, RPsy, RPm.

The program also conducted 2 sessions of “How to Fact Check Effectively: Manipulative Fake News” with Rhoderick K. Samonte, 1 session of “Life after College: Preparing Students for the Job Market in the New Normal with Anita Abad, and 1 session of “Transitioning from a College Student to an Employee or Entrepreneur” with Willie Perasol.

The online sessions were participated by a total of 258 scholars from all over the country.

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