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Scholars Attend Leadership and Values Trainings


A 3-day seminar was conducted by SIFI at the Pintados Resort, Passi City, Iloilo on December 13-15, 2019. This “Leadership and Values Formation Seminar” was participated by 28 scholars from various mills and planters’ associations around Panay. The Resource Facilitator was Dr. Noel Marañon assisted by SIFI Program Manager Neoly Alminaza.

Dr. Maranon placed great emphasis on the importance of knowing one’s self and boosting one’s character in order to become an ideal role model and influential leader among the youth.  The scholars also tackled topics on communication, stress management, SEDONA method, self-image, leadership and team building.

On the last day of the seminar, the fellowship program was planned out by the scholars.  To add to the spirit of goodwill, gift packs were provided by SIFI, Panay mills and planters’ associations so that no scholar would go home without receiving a gift for Christmas.


As SIFI continues to nurture the future of the scholars, over 200 of them from Luzon and Mindanao were actively engaged in the leadership trainings held last December 2019 in Pampanga and Tarlac in North Luzon, Batangas in South Luzon, and Bukidnon, Davao del Sur, and North Cotabato in Mindanao.

The trainings were ably supported by various sugar mills and planters associations in the area and where many informative sessions were imparted to the SIFI scholars along with the fellowship.

Among the activities were workshops on Effective Leadership, Capacity-Building to increase a team’s work productivity, enhanced Communication Skills, mastering the art of Negotiation and Conflict Management. Aside from the workshops, teambuilding and fun games were conducted to foster unity and solidarity among themselves while imbibing the SIFI core values of integrity and compassion for others.


On December 18-20, 2019, SIFI conducted a seminar cum teambuilding intended for Negrense scholars at the SIFI Training Center in Talisay City. The “Leadership and Values Formation Seminar” was facilitated by Jenny Tamargo, a former SIFI scholar and USLS guidance counselor. The 3-day event aimed to make the scholars more responsive to today’s societal situation and become effective communicators who contribute to the wellness of every human being.

The 30 scholar attendees ploughed through 9 sessions. These sessions tackled the “Self-awareness–Me, myself and I” which allows one to understand how they are perceived by other people, one’s attitude and responses to certain circumstances.  Another session was on how mindset matters followed by “Handling emotions through mindfulness.”

Ms. Tamargo also presented a profile of the “perfect leader” with various qualities of effectiveness and leadership styles that were adaptive to different situations. An open discussion on “Teamwork” showed the importance of the 3 C’s of an organization which are Communication, Cooperation and Coordination.

During the final sessions, the scholars were presented with the “Challenges facing the youth in the 21st century.”  Time management was raised as a significant challenge and reminded the scholars of how managing time was essential for them to reach their life’s goals. The seminar served as an opportunity for the young people to reflect within themselves on how they can cope with the pressures of today and still manage to inspire their peers and serve as a role model.