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For sugar farming communities, having limited access to internet connectivity and mobile services prove to be a challenge. This concern becomes evident with the increasing demand to the shift to digital learning and online marketing.

As part of its commitment to programs that lead to self-reliance, The Philippine Business for Social Progress in collaboration with PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc. donated Smart LTE pocket Wi-Fi bundled with two Five Hundred peso (P500) load cards to two (2) SIFI-assisted Hacienda Bakeries last August 24 & 25, 2021.

The beneficiaries were the hacienda bakery of ISARFAWA (Integrated Sugar and Rice Farm Workers Association) in Brgy. Pandanon, Pontevedra, established in 2019 and Nabinay ARC (Agrarian Reform Cooperative) in Brgy. Daga, Cadiz City, established in 2016. Hoping to get more orders, both bakeries are attempting to promote and sell their products via social media platforms.

HANDS ON. (L-R) Communications Officer Rommel M. Azucena, Jr. demonstrates how the pocket Wi-Fi is used to Sec. Julie Ann Paunalan and Vice Chair Julito Celis of Nabinay ARC last August 25, 2021.

(“Dako gid ni ang mabulig sang pocket Wi-Fi sa amon sa pagbaligya sang mga produkto sa bakery paagi sa online selling tungod nagabakal na ang mga malayo sa amon lugar. Pwede sila maka-order via internet,” Debbie Galicha, Secretary of ISARFAWA, said.)

“This pocket Wi-Fi is a big help on the selling of our products through online selling because people from far-flung areas buy to us now. They can order via the internet,” Debbie Galicha, Secretary of ISARFAWA, said.

(“Ang makabenepisyo kag mabuligan sang sini nga pocket Wi-Fi amo ang amon hacienda bakery kag subong man ang amun mga kabataan nga malapit sa bakery sa pag-answer sang ila nga assignment nga nagakinahanglan internet,” Galicha added.)

“Not only our hacienda bakery will benefit but this will also help the children who lives near the bakery in answering their assignments that require internet connectivity,” Galicha added.

(“Ang pocket Wi-Fi daku guid ng bulig pina-agi sa pagpromote sang amon bakery products thru online. Ang mga miyembro sang amon coop willing nga magtuon sang mga bag-o nga teknolohiya sa advertising kag promotion pinaagi sa social media. Ang DAR naglunsad sang ARBO MERKADO nga kun sa diin tanan nga mga ARBs sarang makabaligya sa ila produkto online kag ang pocket Wi-Fi magamit namon ini para makalink sa ila website kag mas mahapos ang pagtransaksyon,” Chairman Alex Canto of Nabinay ARC said.)

LIVE MORE. (L-R) Livelihood Officer Cristina May Poblador with Sec. Julie Ann Paunalan, Chair Alexander Canto, and Vice Chair Julito Celis of Nabinay ARC last August 25, 2021.

“This pocket wi-fi is a big help towards promoting our bakery products online. The members of our cooperative are willing to learn new technologies in advertising and promotion via social media. DAR recently launched ARBO MERKADO wherein all ARBs can sell their products and having this pocket wi-fi will help us link and transact on their website with ease,” Chairman Alex Canto of Nabinay ARC said.

Philippine Business for Social Progress is the largest business-led NGO and operates at the nexus of corporate citizenship, sustainable development, and poverty reduction.


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