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Mushroom and Spawn Production Training

In an effort to improve productivity of block farms during the idle months, SIFI has launched a “Training on Mushroom and Spawn Production” for block farmers located in Bukidnon. Block farmers are marginal planters with areas from 1-3 hectares of sugarcane farms.

The training was held at the Agriculture Complex Building of the Central Mindanao University on June 28-29, 2018. Block farms coming from Barangay Butong, Kiburao and Merangeran from the Municipality of Quezon and some small farmers from Dologon, Maramag Bukidnonon participated on the said training.

Generally, mushrooms are imported from other countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan or Korea. Growing mushrooms in the Philippines is economically feasible due to its low production cost.  It is helpful in augmenting incomes of sugar block farmers during the “tiempo muerto” season.

The training involved mixing of chemicals and propagating the spawn. Farmer participants were able to maximize their skills on how to grow and propagate edible mushrooms.