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As SIFI reinforces the Child Labor Mitigation Program (CLMP) in Southern Negros and Batangas, the Child Rights Advocates (CRAs) of SIFI pushes for their series of awareness-raising sessions.

A total of 8 areas were visited by the CRAs in the last few months, orienting agrarian reform beneficiary organizations (ARBOs) and planters’ communities about the rights of the child, and most importantly, the rampant issue on child labor in the sugar industry. During the sessions, the difference between child work and child labor was also presented to the participants. The discussions did not only result to a variety of reactions, but also ended up with a more positive response and clearer understanding of the overall concept of CLMP.

Child labor is hazardous significantly to children (anyone below 18 years old). It could affect the child’s well-being and growth in the near future. With this, the participants expressed their concerns, that even with the current economic situation, they will work hard to provide for their children’s needs.

In the past months, a total of 197 sugar workers, parents, and children were gathered in 6 sessions in different areas of Southern Negros. On the other hand, 130 participants attended 3 sessions in Batangas.

With commitment and perseverance, SIFI and its CRAs aim to deploy more awareness-raising sessions to promote and sustain the “no to child labor” advocacy.

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