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Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping Training for Sugarcane Business

SIFI continues to strengthen its livelihood program to block farm organizations by conducting two batches of workshop entitled “Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping Training for Sugarcane Business” held last September 9-11 and September 17-19 at the SIFI Training Center, Talisay City.

The trainings were designed to assist the block farms in setting up an accounting system that will lead to the adoption of appropriate bookkeeping practices. The trainings were participated by 41 beneficiaries from 21 block farm organizations. These were initiated to properly educate the block farm treasurers and bookkeepers in managing and monitoring financial transactions, preparing financial reports as basis for decision making, evaluation, financial planning and forecasting.

Moreover, the participants were able to appreciate and distinguish significant roles of each member. They internalized the importance of having an appropriate accounting system that will guide them in managing their resources and formulate revenue. It also made them realize that it enables transparency and accuracy to the whole membership of the group and its stakeholders as well.