Scholars in the Service of the Sugar Industry

I am a child of the sugarcane farm. With both parents being farm laborers, I awaken into a thousand dawns of dull shaded working clothes and ripe green sugarcane blades. We toiled on the soil and waited for a cycle of seasons. But we never settled there. We are moved to aspire beyond the sugarcane stalks. Our parents taught us to embrace adversities. After all, poverty is a means for living, not a reason for self-pity.”

As the eldest of four siblings, I gladly assumed the vital role of helping my parents raise our family. I knew that education was my key for unlocking possibilities. I finished high school as batch Valedictorian and earned my bachelor’s degree as Cum Laude. These I acquired through the road SIFI paved for me.”

­“My job is to harness the potential of the youth in building stable sugar farm communities through technical skills and competence.”

Jundel J. Toriano

Education and Communications Specialist

BS Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

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