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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly put great strain on Filipinos most especially the marginalized sector, health sector, and the youth. Stress, anxiety, and fear brought about by the pandemic adversely affected the emotional and mental well-being of the youth. The “new” normal also affected the youth’s social relationships with their families and peers.

To address this concern, SIFI conducted a series of webinars on “Strengthening Youth Resilience and Social Relationships amidst the Pandemic” participated by 220 scholars as well as SIFI staff from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao from May 9 – 29, 2021.

The webinar was graced by resource speaker Florence Flores-Pasos, RSW, MSW, a registered social worker currently teaching as assistant professor in the Department of Social Work, College of Social Work Community Development (CSWCD) at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

RESILIENCY & RELATIONSHIPS. Social Worker Florence Flores-Pasos sharing her knowledge and expertise during the webinar conducted via Zoom.

Pasos discussed about understanding emotions, stressors, various social roles & relationships, and the concept of resilience in the context of the pandemic. She also discussed how to manage and surpass various stresses during the pandemic as well as how to strengthen the youth’s relationship with their family members, peers, helping institutions and their communities.

“Overall, the seminar was a great experience for me to learn and cope up with my mental health and emotional health. This reminds me to do good things for others because we’ll never know what they are going through and what hardships they are facing at the moment,” Jemaicah L. Amper, LMRO scholar, said.

“The webinar is informative and relevant. It responds to the struggles that students are experiencing in this pandemic.  I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to be one of the attendees”, Dexie Joy Ilalim, VRO scholar, said.

Pasos emphasizes that it is only you who can develop positive perspectives and mindset, who can strengthen your own coping capacities and who can make your own happiness.

“Listen to your heart,” she added.

RESILIENCY & RELATIONSHIPS. 220 Scholars from LMRO and VRO participated in the webinar conducted via Zoom.