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SIFI, the Heart of the Sugar Industry-a coffee table book

SIFI, the Heart of the Sugar Industry

a coffee table book to celebrate 50 golden years of service

To mark its 50th golden year of service this 2021, the Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. produced a creative marker as legacy for the generations yet to come.  The foundation is proud of its coffee table book “SIFI, The Heart of the Sugar Industry.”  It contains the SIFI journey embodied in the inspiring life stories of its beneficiaries throughout the years, its four pillars of development and also a collection of thought-provoking images of the sugar industry as a reminder of SIFI’s mission to its sugar workers and their dependents.

The book has 72 pages of continuing success in keeping to the vision in spite of the pandemic arising all over the world.  The 24 stories featured in the book were submitted to the foundation for the best SIFI story including that of the winning piece by Rene Sellado of AHSSI which was produced into a short film.  The production of this book is dedicated to the SIFI family, benefactors and beneficiaries whose lives were touched throughout its years in service.

As a way to raise more funds for SIFI beneficiaries, the foundation is accepting orders for the hardbound, high quality printed copies of the coffee table book at P2,500.00 per piece. Purchasing a book will help assist thousands of sugar workers and their families and communities.

The foundation continues to pave the way to a clearer path by inspiring its beneficiaries to continue to strive hard and keep the faith that better days are coming.