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SIFI Supports Livelihood Expansion of ARB Groups

Two ARB groups recently accessed soft loans under the SIFI Livelihood Assistance Program.

First is the San Antonio Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Victorias City. Its ARB members are 26, and it manages a collective area of 6.71 hectares planted with sugar.

As one of SIFI’s RSS Program livelihood partner, the coop started an Organic Fertilizer Production in 2017. The organic fertilizer produced is purchased by local farmers and members alike. Initial capacity produced was only 5 tons or 100 bags per month.

The livelihood loan assistance from SIFI enabled the coop to expand their shed house and increase organic fertilizer production to an additional 5-8 tons per month.

STAGARFA or Sitio Tagnipis Agrarian Reform Farmers Association in Sagay City has 24 ARB members. It manages a total of 24.5 hectares of sugar fields.

The association recently expanded their RSS-assisted livelihood of rice retailing, started in 2017, to swine fattening, breeding and dispersal.  The project cost-shared in the construction of a pig pen and initial livestock of 3 piglets. SIFI’s livelihood loan assistance enabled the group to increase the number of swine to 20. The group projects a 40% net profit margin.

SIFI, through its RSS program, is committed to support the associations in their livelihood initiatives as benefits to members abound.