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Public Speaking Training Workshop in Batangas

There are many reasons to consider when improving one’s communication abilities and public speaking skills. This training will help the scholars succeed in their day-to-day lives that require courage, articulation and the ability to clearly express their ideas when they enter the real world. Improving their speaking skills will guide them to excel in their chosen profession, defend their beliefs and values, and become the future leaders of society.

As part of SIFI’s pillars for development on Education, an Effective Public Speaking Workshop for 2nd – 4th year college scholars was conducted at MSS Country Club, Malaruhatan, Lian, Batangas last May 31 – June 1, 2019.

The two-day workshop was headed by Ms. Jocelyn Alcoreza and it aimed to provide practices and helpful tips in speaking and communicating effectively. It gave them the opportunity to acquire knowledge and information about public speaking and communication techniques.

As part of the activity, they demonstrated various individual and group exercises including buddy talk, job interview, continuous story making, and reenactment of given situations. At the end of the workshop, scholars were able to practice and improve their skills in a positive and supportive environment with the help of their own fellow scholars.