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The Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. Livelihood Pillar conducted a Livelihood Market & Evaluation Sharing Forum at Edgardo Hall C, Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay City last May 26, 2021.

The Forum led by Livelihood Officer Cristina “Tin” Poblador was participated by 10 Agrarian Reform Cooperatives who are SIFI – assisted Livelihood Business beneficiaries of Hacienda Bakery, Peanut Intercrop with Sugarcane and Processing, and Quail Egg Production.

As a way of strengthening SIFI’s marketing assistance for its beneficiary organizations, market presenters were invited to give an overview of their businesses and organizations to the participants. The presenters also had a Q and A session to accommodate questions, suggestions, and insights from the participants.

Fix N’ Mix, a top-selling bakeshop from Kabankalan City with 8 outlets in Negros represented by its owner Zelnor Marie Gatoc was the first to present followed by Karl’s Poultry Farm represented by owner Karl Kenneth Valeriano. Further, market awareness and exposure possibilities were the focus of the following presentations from Association of Negros Producers (ANP) which was represented by its president Arlene Infante and the Association of Negros Producers Foundation for Enterprise Development (AFEDI), represented by its president Reena Gamboa.

The market forum’s goal is to link the farmers and assisted livelihood business owners as potential producers or suppliers for the market presenters as well as become part of its potential market. The forum also hopes to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the companies and SIFI’s beneficiaries.

Q & A. Edgar Gamala of Estela ARC Hacienda Bakery in La Carlota asking questions and sharing his inputs during the Q and A session.

The Evaluation Results Sharing Forum in the afternoon session was led by livelihood program evaluator Mercedes Cañal, PhD.

The goal of the session was to share the results of the livelihood program evaluation conducted last March 2021.

The evaluation was done to assess the performance of the livelihood projects of the seven agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBO) in terms of productivity, profitability and sustainability; to understand the impact and distribution of benefits to direct and indirect beneficiaries of the livelihood projects; to analyze the appropriateness of the strategies and the processes adopted by SIFI; and to provide recommendations to emerging issues which affect the implementation of SIFI – Assisted Livelihood Projects.

The forum was capped with an open forum and future plans sharing from the ARBOs.

REALITY CHECK. SIFI’s short term livelihood program evaluator Mercedes Cañal, PhD during her presentation.
FUTURE PLANNING. Representatives from Hda. Candelaria FA, Manapla writing down their future plans during the evaluation.