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“Change is scary but not changing is also scary.” A quote from the “Social & Financial Literacy Virtual Seminar” conducted by Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (SIFI) to help SIFI scholars all over the country realize the importance of personal development, savings & money management, and financial capability especially in this challenging time.

Sharing her valuable knowledge and expertise is resource speaker Ma. Carmela V. Zabala, a master in financial analysis, transformational educator, and the founder of SELFMatters Ph, a team focusing on giving sessions on personal growth, social financial capability program, and business training.

“As I set goals for myself, I learned that micro-steps like learning the four fundamental operations, recalculating mindset, recalibrating decisions, and many more are a great help to mold myself as a financially literate individual,” James Lloyd Acosta, a VRO scholar taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Science said.

“I have learned that I should prioritize my needs rather than my wants. It doesn’t mean that I need to settle for less, but I think it is more on spending my money wisely and because I firmly believe that our wants can make us poor,” Acosta added.

A total of 101 scholars from VRO attended the morning and afternoon sessions conducted via Zoom on July 17 & 24.

“With the constantly changing economy and rapidly increasing financial issues, at a young age, we should learn good money habits due to the fact that it will later on help us manage our finances,” Mary Rose Barbas, a scholar taking up BS Mechanical Technology said.

The series of webinars were participated by a total of 100 scholars from Luzon and Mindanao in sessions conducted on June 26 & July 3 and a total of 101 scholars from Visayas in sessions conducted on July 17 & July 24.

“What struck me is we need to be wiser on all things. We must always choose the things that work to make us happy. And we must always prioritize saving for the future,” Joyce Trinidad, BS Information Technology student said.

“While we are young, start saving and learn to invest because as we grow up, prices start to increase”, a powerful affirmation from our speaker.