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Sugar Farm Technician Course Batch 8 Graduation

Another successful course was celebrated as the 8th batch of Sugarcane Farm Technician Course held their graduation last October 12, 2019 at USLS–Bacolod. SIFI in partnership with Assisi Development Foundation and USLS-Bacolod, continues to provide this short-term technical training for potential “encargados” and farm managers and supervisors.

The ceremony was attended by the SIFI Team headed by Ms. Edith Y. Villanueva, USLS Representatives led by Dr. Francis Causing and the 13 trainees with their proud families. The Guest of Honor was the former SRA Administrator, Ms. Regina B. Martin. The graduates were lucky to have her because of the many insights that she shared with them, such as having the right attitude in handling the people in the farms, and a few productivity tools, such as the proper management of resources, and how to strive for higher yields but with less cost. She emphasized the importance of the quote “You reap what you sow” and the value of always staying humble.

After 72 days of learning, 2 of them were awarded as Valedictorians, namely:  Joel Nain Jr. and Rolando Guarde Jr.

The learnings they got from the lectures, active field works and exposure trips to different farms and sugar mill have enhanced their skills and knowledge about sugarcane farming and improved their self-confidence. SIFI is looking forward to seeing them become successful, responsible and good farm technicians, supervisors or overseer in the future.