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In line with SIFI’s mission to motivate and empower its scholars, the Foundation conducted a “Personality Enrichment Seminar-Workshop” last March 16, 2019 at the SIFI Training Center in Talisay City.
A total of 34 SIFI scholars attended the training coming from First to Third year college levels.  It was facilitated by Dr. Marijoy Gaduyon, PhD.. The goal of the workshop was to provide the participants with useful tips on how to improve their over-all self-confidence and personality traits.
The workshop started with self-introduction followed by group sharing of their individual temperaments, major likes and dislikes, personal strengths and weaknesses.  The scholars were also provided with an activity wherein each participant had to re-enact his or her “perception of self “or self-image.
At the end of the workshop, the scholar participants were given numerous lessons on how to discover their own personality and the appropriate social behavior toward their colleagues. They were given tips on personal hygiene and good grooming.  Most importantly, the SIFI scholars learned how they will set and achieve their goals for the future.