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On the occasion of its 48th founding year, SIFI recently launched a magazine entitled “SWEET ROAD TO SUCCESS” during SIFI’s Annual General Assembly held on March 29, 2019 at Brasserie 21, Makati City.

The magazine is a compilation of inspiring stories about the trials and triumphs experienced by the SIFI beneficiaries— its scholars, health workers, livelihood coops and agrarian reform beneficiary organizations.  The stories are about lives transformed, families and communities uplifted and dreams fulfilled.  Behind the names are testimonies of what the sugar beneficiaries have endured and accomplished in the midst of adversity and lack of access.  Beneficiaries from Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao.  Although the stories are few compared to the thousands assisted by SIFI, they are a microcosm of the seeds of hope that have bloomed and flourished in the lives of the beneficiaries.

During the launch, its special guest was Ruthy Magsino, a SIFI scholar from Batangas endorsed by the AAAROB Planters Association.  Ruthy shared her story of a childhood mired in poverty doing farm chores such as planting, weeding and cultivating soil. SIFI supported her college education, enabling her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration Degree from the Batangas State University, graduating with Cum Laude honors.  Now gainfully employed, Ruthy is a fearless and dedicated fire officer for the Bureau of Fire Protection, Region 4-A, Calabarzon in Calaca, Batangas.  Ruthy represents SIFI’s pride and faith in the Filipino spirit and the magazine is dedicated to the simple but admirable heroes like her.