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Despite the challenges wrought by the Covid 19 pandemic, SIFI continues to respond to the health needs of the sugarcane communities by supplying the remote areas with medical-hygiene kits which are not easily accessible to them due to lockdowns and IATF restrictions, hacienda farms which are far from the town center or roads which are unpassable or difficult to traverse.

The Covid Prevention Kits of SIFI consist of vitamin syrup for children, tablets for adults, paracetamol, alcohol, disposable face masks, face shields and infographic flyers about Covid prevention tips in Ilonggo or Pilipino.  This project has temporarily replaced the

SIFI medical-dental missions which are not yet allowed by the Philippine Task Forces Against Covid.

Since last year 2020 when the pandemic started until this current date, SIFI has already assisted more than 9,000 households of sugarcane communities from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Very recently, the kits were disseminated to the following areas: Sagay City, Passi, Victorias City, Cadiz City, La Carlota, Lipa City, Alitagtag, Batangas and Balayan, Batangas.

Project Officers in charge of the distribution are  Norelyn de la Cruz for the Visayas, Joseph Bryan Sermonia for Mindanao, John Cena for South Luzon, and Joshua Balagtas for North Luzon.  Safety precautionary measures and distancing are strictly observed during distribution to avoid spread of the virus and comply with government and LGU protocols.